Cara Membuka Menu Message dari BB yg Trackpadnya error

Setelah mencari kesana kemari, akhirnya syaa menemukan cara membuka menu message dengan menggunakan BB yg trackpadny rusak. semoga cara ini bermanfaat bagi teman2 yg trackpad bbnya rusak juga :D

  1. Press the green button, also known as the "Call" button, on the left side of the BlackBerry Curve keyboard. Then press the "Menu" button, which is directly to the right of the "Call" button, to bring up the pop-up menu.
  2. Press the letter "O" and the menu will jump to the "Options" listing. Press the "Enter" key to select "Options" and then press "Enter" again to select "General Options" on the next menu.
  3. Press "Enter" repeatedly to scroll down the screen until you are highlighting the option next to "Dial from Home Screen." Press the space bar to change this to "No." Press the "Menu" button and then press "Enter" to choose "Save" from the menu that appears. You will now be able to access the Messaging application from the home screen. Press the red button on the face of your Curve to get back to the home screen.
  4. Press "M" to bring up the messaging application. Use the "U" key to scroll through your unread messages, the "J" and "K" keys to move through the messages within a conversation, or the space bar to jump down to the bottom of the current screen of messages. Press "Enter" to select the highlighted message to read it.
  5. Hold down either of the two "Shift" keys at the base of the keyboard and press "Enter" to scroll down the text message to read it all. To go back up to the top of the message, hold "Alt" and press "Enter."


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